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  1. JoshB2084

    I ran a year-long experiment where I kept adblock off. I ended the experiment today because the advertisers have taken it one step too far

    I have a Common Sense and AdBlock (Firefox and uBlock Origin for many years and years)... :chad:
  2. JoshB2084

    Most horrible anime you´ve ever seen

    Pupa, can't think of anything else worse than this anime.
  3. JoshB2084

    Creepy Cat - Vol. 4 Ch. 394 - Last Wish

    OK, who cut the onions??? 😢
  4. JoshB2084

    Neko no Kohana

    Hey, is it just me or is it already on Anime? I was watched that kind of Anime not long time ago and awfully similar. Sorry, my mind is foggy, and I can't remember the name of anime....
  5. JoshB2084

    Creepy Cat - Vol. 4 Ch. 343 - Attention

    @insanetacoguy99, me too. Gotta to agreed.
  6. JoshB2084

    Upgrade progress and 502s.

  7. JoshB2084

    Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - Vol. 21 Ch. 180 - One Centimeter's Distance

    LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! 😍 * right click then set as background, and click OK!*
  8. JoshB2084

    Pseudo Harem - Vol. 5 Ch. 109 - Present

    Give her a engagement ring! asdfghjkl!!!