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  1. SoupEnergy

    Introvert Tsubame Wants to Change - Vol. 1 Ch. 20

    These axed endings are getting more advanced
  2. SoupEnergy

    Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Kikuri Hiroi's Heavy Drinking Diary - Ch. 13

    It's fine I'd rather it be delayed than having whatever the hell that other scanlation was
  3. SoupEnergy

    Seihantai na Kimi to Boku - Ch. 44 - A Plan in Shambles

    What a tragic end to his phone screen. I'm legit tearing up rn
  4. SoupEnergy

    SHY - Vol. 13 Ch. 105 - Adults Who Know No War

    Yo Shy low key got rizz tho
  5. SoupEnergy

    Osananajimi no Ohimesama - Vol. 4 Ch. 47

    Definitely one of the endings of all time
  6. SoupEnergy

    Kimi wa Yakamashi Tojite yo Kuchi o! - Ch. 27.5

    She's like that pink haired girl from Oshi No Ko
  7. SoupEnergy

    Kimi wa Yakamashi Tojite yo Kuchi o! - Ch. 26.5

    The tsuchinoko is real man idk what you're saying
  8. SoupEnergy

    Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru - Vol. 12 Ch. 91

    If you guys want a monthly release manga but with better plot progression you should read this one instead. A new chapter literally just came out today and there was more interesting stuff happening in that compared to the last 10 or so chapters of this manga
  9. SoupEnergy

    Osananajimi no Ohimesama - Vol. 3 Ch. 25

    Read the synopsis bro
  10. SoupEnergy

    Bocchi the Rock! - Vol. 6 Ch. 61

    The one good thing that DetectiveAme did is that he allowed me to catch this foreshadowing
  11. SoupEnergy

    An Introvert's Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru Is Head Over Heels for Me! - Vol. 2 Ch. 8

    Half of the comments here are right about who that glass girl is while the other half is getting Clark Kent'd
  12. SoupEnergy

    Deatte Hitotsuki de Zecchou Jorei! - Ch. 29

    What the hell am I reading...
  13. SoupEnergy

    Bocchi the Rock! - Ch. 59

    Common Ripe Mango W