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  1. sinisempi

    SDXL 0.9

    SD3 did get released today. They only released the smallest variant of the model for now, so there's still a little more to look forward to from SAI before their likely bankruptcy. The largest model has already been on sale via their API so it's known it's not really that much better.
  2. sinisempi

    TS TENSEI shite Masaka no Sub Heroine ni. - Ch. 1

    NU is full of paint-drinkers anyway, the more people complain there the better it is. Like if you are a honest moral warrior try to come up with a better argument.
  3. sinisempi

    Maousama no Pero Pero Keikaku - Vol. 1 Ch. 1

    dunno how the loli tag is supposed to work since the mass change to it but pretty sure this should have retained it
  4. sinisempi

    What kind of manga would be a fresh or creative take right now?

    Oyvind Thorsby web comic but with anime girls
  5. sinisempi

    SDXL 0.9

    Emad, the CEO of Stability AI, resigned. This is after a bunch of the technical people left last week. Stable Diffusion 3 was supposed to release next month, and from the demos it would have actually been a substantial improvement. Now it's unclear if that will actually happen...
  6. sinisempi

    Napoleon - Age of the Lion - Vol. 5 Ch. 34

    saint-just was arrested and guillotined with robespierre irl there was no escape
  7. sinisempi

    Genshin Impact

    Right now's a dynamic time in Genshin: 1. There's the all-time steepest powercreep in the game in Neuvillette, who's pretty incomparably strong even with Lyney just before him having been quite strong too. Neuvillette's strong in a really braindead way too: tanky, good AOE, and heals himself...
  8. sinisempi

    SDXL 0.9

    Actually, Kandinsky from Sberbank got a big v2.2 update today: I just assumed they would be done with the war and sanctions and stuff.
  9. sinisempi

    SDXL 0.9

    SDXL 0.9 has "leaked". Torrent: HF diffusers already has the code for it: Official 1.0 release should follow this month. For those who don't know, it's a...
  10. sinisempi

    The elephant in the room in another world: Analyzing Isekai Tropes and how to Deconstruct them

    It should be noted that a lot of the things mentioned in this thread are already long out of fashion, and the rest are also steadily being triangulated away from. Presumably, at the end of the process, it will finally be the death of isekai. On just a slightly longer term manga could end up like...
  11. sinisempi

    Methods to download manga from Mangadex?

    is someone roleplaying a spambot or do we actually have one AI-generating answers
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    It's long strip specifically that's garbo. Nobody's going to make prestige media in picture book format. On the trashier end, isn't boys' literature in SK/China almost as dead as it's in the West? Corporations really can't be blamed for that, it's cash that makes people want to break away from...
  13. sinisempi

    which manga are these pages from?
  14. sinisempi

    The Wandering of Girls' Pair No. 7 - Vol. 10 Ch. 77 - I Loved You. / Once

    I got two for one since I had been building up unread chapters so long I thought this one was Wakusei Closet from the same author... turns out that one's end chapter was uploaded years ago without me noticing.
  15. sinisempi

    Land of the Lustrous - Ch. 102 - Brother

    brother showed up in ch 89
  16. sinisempi

    Candy & Cigarettes

    I've already read GG long ago, I think it would have been a newish manga.
  17. sinisempi

    Add a way to get to the manga page from the chapter discussions

    I click on the chapter discussion forum just to see if there's anything I haven't seen before all the time.
  18. sinisempi

    What manga is being slept on right now?

    IMHO Coffee Moon was one of the bigger bait-and-switches (of quality) of all time, to the point it'd be curious to know the inside story behind it. The author is a decently established hentai artist and this is often how it goes when they try SFW manga, but Coffee Moon goes beyond that.
  19. sinisempi

    What is your most hated trope in manga right now?

    Maybe it's more economics than a trope, but I feel like there's an increasing trend of, like, over-overacting, just drawing characters reacting to a thing instead of the thing itself. I suppose it's always been there in cheaper works to an extent.
  20. sinisempi

    The Otome Heroine's Fight for Survival - Vol. 3 Ch. 15

    how is living in a haunted house real just move away