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  1. elemhunter

    Love Bullet - Ch. 6 - "See You Later"

    Hmm, well now that the MC's emotional development and unfulfilled grief is out of the way so soon, is it just going to become some battle shonen where they fight over couples now?
  2. elemhunter

    Slime Life - Vol. 10 Ch. 265 - Making Hot Pot and Slime

    I'm not ready for this scanlation to end, I have to find something else to fill the void.
  3. elemhunter

    Deatte Hitotsuki de Zecchou Jorei! - Ch. 42

    At this glacial pace, it'll be months before this exhausting arc is finished. I'm just gonna put this on the backburner and check back in 3 years.
  4. elemhunter

    Akuyaku Kizoku to shite Hitsuyou na Sore - Vol. 1 Ch. 4.1

    I use an extension called Word Highlighter that lets you add highlight notes for names, etc., and the list of terrible groups to avoid gets another notch every day. I would say this is an MTL group, but even MTL doesn't butcher it the way Reset Scans does, so it's just general incompetence (with...
  5. elemhunter

    Mitsuba no Monogatari - Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Awakening

    The Girl Who Ate a Death God manga when?
  6. elemhunter

    Eroi Koto Suru Tame ni Kyonyuu Bishoujo Dorei o Katta Hazu ga, Oshishou-sama to Shitawa Rete Omotta Toori ni Ikanaku Naru Hanashi - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - A…

    They quite obviously enjoy hunting humans, hence the basement full of corpses. Look at how the succubus changed her personality when she thought she was in control. The persecution angle is just the author attempting to make you feel bad for them. It's your go-to cheap attempt at an emotional...
  7. elemhunter

    Eroi Koto Suru Tame ni Kyonyuu Bishoujo Dorei o Katta Hazu ga, Oshishou-sama to Shitawa Rete Omotta Toori ni Ikanaku Naru Hanashi - Vol. 3 Ch. 15 - A…

    The whole attempt at a tragic backstory doesn't really work when you come from a race of demons that has a basement of corpses... Just mount her head on the wall and be done with it.
  8. elemhunter

    Love Bullet - Vol. 1 Ch. 4 - Cupid vs. Cupid (Part One)

    Being able to appear as a human and interact with them kinda defeats the whole point of the previous buildup... I'm really disappointed with this so far, the idea is good but the execution is a letdown.
  9. elemhunter

    Hyouge Mono - Vol. 25 Ch. 273 - In the palm tree’s shadow

    I can't believe the manga is finally finished! I remember the drought when the anime came out and Huzzah stopped subbing it, so we had to wait like 4 years before Doki came to the rescue. Thanks for your work.
  10. elemhunter

    A Journal Of My Father

    This it MTL, it seems. Grab the phillywilly-Kitakevo release on Nyaa instead.
  11. elemhunter

    Love Bullet - Vol. 1 Ch. 3 - Modern-Day Cupids (Part Two)

    So there aren't any penalties for collateral damage? What's to stop the Cupids from going around blasting people at random until they build up enough karma? They fight a lot over one couple, but if it doesn't matter if they blast other passerby couples it seems more efficient to go solo and be...
  12. elemhunter

    Harta Cover Stories - Ch. 25

    With this, I believe that's everything I've scanned by her. She might have a stray oneshot or two floating around in Harta or some other magazine, but otherwise she has that anthology.
  13. elemhunter

    Star Fox - Ch. 1 - Desperado

    An old scan of mine. The 600dpi scans are on IA if you want them.
  14. elemhunter

    Snake Woman

    The IDW version of Reptilia is really bad. A lot of typos, printing mistakes, etc. There's a fixed version that you should read instead of the version uploaded here. Check Nyaa for Reptilia (2007) (c2c) (morrol4n&kitakevo).
  15. elemhunter

    Hanshin Tigers Championship Memorial Book

    They made another issue?
  16. elemhunter

    Nick & Lever - Vol. 3 Ch. 133.75 - Pudding + Soy Sauce = ?

    And then onto the Fanbox chapters!
  17. elemhunter

    Saikyou no Mamono ni Narumichi wo Tadoru Ore, Isekaijuu de Zamaa wo Shikkou suru - Ch. 14

    This is one of those poorly-written series that relies on everyone being an insane idiot for the sake of drama. The fact that it was "resolved" so quickly is even worse. Not one character in these chapters acted like a normal person.