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    Dakara Katte ni Yuusha Toka Haou ni Nintei Sunno Yamero yo! ~Elf Zoku mo Kokuou-sama mo Hirefusu Hodo Ore wa Idai na Yakuwarirashii~ - Ch. 2

    I don't quite get what the point of the story is. So he's going to end up as the overlord of the elves, and kings even further on? For what end? Is this going to be a slice of life? What adventure can he have if he's being escorted by two demon kings? Does he even want anything? Wish we got...
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    Indictment of the Iron Cross - Oneshot

    @dw123456 this 4 chapter series makes the SS guard into a more complex villain in that he has DID. Having alters is a cop-out for sure, but you can't say that the guy is as responsible as another SS soldier at a concentration camp. I'm not entirely educated in this, so it's entirely hearsay...
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    Indictment of the Iron Cross - Oneshot

    I read this wondering what a Japanese author would write for the title "indictment of the iron cross". Didn't really help that the first page was a German talking about the achievements of the Third Reich; figured this would be a glorification. Then that page showing the Holocaust victims...
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    Mezametara Saikyou Soubi to Uchuusenmochi Datta node, Ikkodate Mezashite Youhei toshite Jiyuu ni Ikitai - Vol. 9 Ch. 41.2

    I kinda wish the MC would put his foot down and reject this, but we all know what kind of story this is.
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    The Male Lead's Little Lion Daughter - Ch. 94

    Man, I was wondering what the plan was this entire season. To think it was a ploy to release her beast fangs under reasonable circumstances and get the emperor on his knees. I am wondering if she'll keep up this act the next time they meet, or show that it was an act to show not to fuck with...
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    Villain Classroom - Ch. 14

    There's a method to the madness. First off, Bora is out for a vengeance quite blatantly. She just wants to beat her up. Secondly, with the attack on stream it shows that the narrative that the bully was trying to build was shattered. They are not friends. Thirdly, with the body cam there will...
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    To Be an Actor - Ch. 86

    I don't mind it. But I do feel it's not well integrated; the guy just appears in the market being a single dad running a food stall, and also appears again when she's having a moment talking to her husband? Would be more believable if he was a con artist targeting Young-guks mom.
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    Seishun no After - Vol. 4 Ch. 22 - Endpoint of Affection

    So, was she the psycho ex from college? Or an actual other Sakura? Or are they both Sakura? This is such a mind fuck.
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    Villain Classroom - Ch. 9 - Chapter 9

    It's been pretty clear he has no idea how to handle Han Bora. But my guess is that he expected this; given how she ignored every advice he gave for the sake of violent revenge. If he wanted her to not be hurt, he would've suggested going with an alias first.
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    Aishuu Lava - Vol. 4 Ch. 34

    Next chapter is the end.
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    I'll bet on 50; but more to the side of this not being cancelled. With My Hero Academia ending very soon, there will be a gap in the shounen market for a superhero series. There's also already 12 chapters and seems to be released weekly since February.
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    Sensitive Boy - Ch. 49 - Kanon's Past ②

    Ding dong! The witch is dead (hopefully)
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    Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.: Monologue - Vol. 18 Ch. 86

    Yeah, the anime has concluded and so has this manga series. This group has stopped the translation 3 years ago, and I don't think any other group picked it up. From what I understand, you can just finish the story with the anime and you should get the same experience. There is the @ comic...
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    Risou no Himo Seikatsu - Vol. 16 Ch. 66 - The Seed Passed Down

    Are we going to have a war arc in this series? Could be interesting, given how all the intensity in this series came from politics.
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    Boy's Abyss - Ch. 175 - Stimulus

    Chako looks far better than last time. But given what this manga has been so far, I don't expect it to be completely hunky-dory for her as of yet.
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    To Be an Actor - Ch. 82

    Coincidence, the chapter
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    Dakara Katte ni Yuusha Toka Haou ni Nintei Sunno Yamero yo! ~Elf Zoku mo Kokuou-sama mo Hirefusu Hodo Ore wa Idai na Yakuwarirashii~ - Ch. 1

    Bro is getting swindled. Tempted by title, women, then by coin. Doesn't seem like the kind of story with lots of stakes, nor is the writing any compelling. Will follow this for a bit.
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    Kimi to Warui Koto ga Shitai - Vol. 2 Ch. 18 - Receive Punishment

    She did defend him in regards to the accusation of him using her. She told everyone she did it out of her own malice, not because she was forced to. It's not a direct "he's not using me", but it is rejecting that premise.