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  1. Dreion

    Nan Hao & Shang Feng - Ch. 94.5

    Hmm that Shang Feng voodoo doll though.
  2. Dreion

    The Big Bees - Ch. 26 - The Bee’s Summer Break Finale

    I really like how wholesome this is. Thanks for the continued work, Fap It Scans.
  3. Dreion

    The Big Bees - Ch. 17 - Bees and Honey

    I feel kinda sad for that hive of smaller bees lol
  4. Dreion

    Ebichu Minds the House - Vol. 2 Ch. 7

    Ayy thanks for picking this series up!
  5. Dreion

    The Big Bees - Ch. 9 - Big Strong Beetle vs. Oversized Bee

    The face of a formidable warrior
  6. Dreion

    Pan wo nameruna! - Ch. 1 - Kamakura Is a Scary Place

    Aight, I'm on board
  7. Dreion

    Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru - Vol. 19 Ch. 87 - Sports-Cultural Festival Part 2

    Imagine if he went one winged angel mode during the sports fest lmao
  8. Dreion

    Gakuen Babysitters - Vol. 25 Ch. 137.5 - Everyone's In a Kotatsu

    Me whenever a new Gakuen Babysitters chapter drops
  9. Dreion

    Gakuen Babysitters - Vol. 23 Ch. 125

    I love how Kotaro's fixation with the book made him power through naptime.
  10. Dreion

    Gakuen Babysitters - Vol. 24 Ch. 128.5 - Everyone's Swimming Time

    Everyone looks so cute while wearing floaties lol
  11. Dreion

    Gakuen Babysitters - Vol. 22 Ch. 122

    Damn I wanna laze around with Kotarou too.
  12. Dreion

    Gakuen Babysitters - Ch. 135

    I like how they cart the kids around when doing mini field trips lmao
  13. Dreion

    Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru - Ch. 35 - The Lover's Path, One Step at a Time

    Too damn thirsty she forgot about the fluff side of dating lmao.
  14. Dreion

    Dumpster Fire Scans

    I haven't noticed any new releases from the group, is everything ok?
  15. Dreion

    Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru

    Anyone know if Dumpster Fire are still working on this series?