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  1. ringabell33

    Alkaloid no Hanayome - Vol. 1 Ch. 9 - Honeymoon

    this is the second time romelia and kuturi have been mistaken for siblings, is it like a cultural thing from japan? cuz i don't know how you could think they're related biologically.
  2. ringabell33

    Operation Demon Castle Date! - Vol. 1 Ch. 7

    how are we only on chapter seven but i'm already sick of this pattern the manga has established? can diana please just get rid of saya already please? and don't even get me started on this hero we were just introduced to i already don't like her.
  3. ringabell33

    Kyuuseishu «Messiah» ~ Isekai wo Sukutta Motoyuusha ga Mamono no Afureru Genjitsu Sekai wo Musou suru - Ch. 37 - Matters Concerning That Day

    i'm still not fully convinced edelweiss is dead yet but i'm also not convinced she's calmia now. i guess edelweiss COULD in theory be the black knight (either willingly or not) but i don't think it's ever been shown that she's THAT good with a sword. calmia and edelweiss having similar voices...
  4. ringabell33

    Alkaloid no Hanayome - Vol. 1 Ch. 8 - ‘Qualified’

    that's it? no consequences for ANYONE? maybe next chapter will expand on the aftermath of this incident but who knows. at least the end of the chapter was really cute tho \(ツ)/
  5. ringabell33

    Kyuuseishu ≪MESHIA≫~Isekai wo Sukutta Moto Yuusha ga Mamono no Afureru Genjitsu Sekai wo Musou Suru~ - Ch. 36 - Invitation

    having just skimmed through the rest of the manga i'm pretty sure that the demon princess and edelweiss the saint are two separate characters. unless turning into a demon makes every single part of your body change or like she used illusion magic it's likely not her. 1. the princess' and...
  6. ringabell33

    Alkaloid no Hanayome - Vol. 1 Ch. 7 - Separation

    god i hope romelia poisons that major general guy. i didn't think i could dislike someone more than azami but i was proved wrong SO FAST. and if kuturi doesn't show up to rescue her and like flee the country i'm gonna be so upset. idk about romelia or kuturi but if i was either of them in this...
  7. ringabell33

    Inkya de Wotaku de Binbou Dakedo Bijin Ojou-sama ni Osaretemasu - Vol. 3 Ch. 14

    if this turns into a "break up with aoi until you become a man worthy of her and then we'll get you two back together to unite our companies" thing i'm gonna lose it. especially if they frame it as a good thing. cuz why should eiji even care about the nikaido company? they haven't done anything...
  8. ringabell33

    Youjo Musou - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - The Heroes At That Time

    oh yeah totally forgot about that good catch i do think it was intended to be an insult using that reference then since adramelech asks lilith to not call him that. the other thought that i just had was it could've been an attempt at a nickname but it's kinda rude like children are known to do.
  9. ringabell33

    Youjo Musou - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - The Heroes At That Time

    a lot of people are talking about lilith's dad or the awful hero but i feel like lilith calling adramelech "peacock" is criminally under-discussed. it's so cute that she's still (rightfully so) mad at him but she still wants to compliment his fashion sense so calling him peacock makes a lot of...
  10. ringabell33

    Alkaloid no Hanayome - Vol. 1 Ch. 6.1 - The Choice (1)

    this azami guy is so irritating cuz like saying to romelia "you were creeped out weren't you?" when she literally watched her husband GET SHOT? and yeah kuturi is immortal but no one wants to see someone else get filled with bullet holes. maybe the part that freaked her out is all the blood or...
  11. ringabell33

    Ookami no Musume - Vol. 3 Ch. 14

    i was screaming while reading this entire chapter cuz WHAT ARE YOU DOING TSUKINA??? you're already in an unsafe environment with kirito and then decide to go hunting in the wood with him? plus she just stays for two extra days instead of leaving. kirito only said that it wasn't safe to leave at...
  12. ringabell33

    Ookami no Musume - Vol. 3 Ch. 13

    i'm kinda surprised no one's mentioned that kirito seemingly put tsukina to sleep somehow to transport her in his truck and then used his fog magic(?) to prevent her from running away after she woke up. also his non-committal answer to tsukina telling him she won't be his mate just feels gross...