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  1. yanrishatum

    The Kouhai who Went from Introvert to Influencer - Ch. 5

    That is an amazingly accurate portrayal of tinnitus. It's absolutely maddening when it first appears. First few months when it appeared drove my productivity to the ground because I couldn't focus on anything due to tinnitus driving me nuts. In the end I got used to it being here all the time...
  2. yanrishatum

    RSS Clients War!

    I use a custom browser extension that hooks into provided bookmark folder that I made myself lol. Used it since, uh. I think since 2017? It has none of the Amazing™ features all those other apps offer. It just pulls RSS feeds on a timer and shows them in a tree. Also can show formatted (and very...
  3. yanrishatum

    Browser discussions. Does the perfect Web-Navi exist?

    I'll expand on Vivaldi a bit: It spoiled browsers for me, lol. It's frankly so much ahead on UX side of things compared to any other chromium browsers. (Can't say about FF, because I don't like FF and migrating from chromium to chromium is much less pain as I can retain all the extensions and...
  4. yanrishatum

    MangaDex Two Year Anniversary

    I didn't research it that much, but are there any services that could handle automation of cryptocurrency donation conversion? That most likely would have a fee for each transaction, but would provide convenience for people who aren't ready to go trough the hoops of getting the crypto. Fast...
  5. yanrishatum

    Userscript for panel-based Follows page: Mangastr

    I'm a simple man and can't remember the manga by it's name, hence the Follows page was pretty useless to me, but thumbnails are a whole different topic, and it's easy to remember them. So I made a userscript that alters the Follows page to be panel-based. See screenshots below to see how it...
  6. yanrishatum

    Client-side read chapter counter for unfollowed titles with `localStorage`

    I roughly understand, why read counter happens only if user follow the manga (DB shenanigans most likely), but it's still not that user-friendly when discovering new manga. Basically, my proposition would be: Use `localStorage` API to store the read chapters for unfollowed titles. For people...