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  1. Ryn360

    The Story of a Manga Reader Site that After Many Trials and Tribulations Reached its 6th Year of Existence!

    Nobody exercises moderation when reading trashy isekai!
  2. Ryn360

    Senpai ga Oyobidesu!

    @Douraniksi That's the publishing status. It just means that the manga is completed and done publishing in Japan.
  3. Ryn360

    Senpai ga Oyobidesu!

    We're running a bit behind, so chapter 12 won't be released today. Possibly sometime over the weekend or early next week. Edit: Delaying until next Friday. Sorry.
  4. Ryn360

    Senpai ga Oyobidesu! - Vol. 1 Ch. 11

    @FluentInManganese We've got both volumes and we're just working through them at one chapter a week. We're almost done with the first volume right now since it ends on page 118 (today's chapter ended on page 102).
  5. Ryn360

    Senpai ga Oyobidesu! - Vol. 1 Ch. 3

    @Thelilwitch There's no clear definition in the chapters. There's no page of contents or anything in either volume. We've mostly been going off of where it makes the most sense to break it up. It's either that or I'm missing something entirely since I'm still new to this.
  6. Ryn360

    Sekirei - 365 Days Without a Girlfriend

    Well, I probably should've read these comments first or checked up on the series before working on this at all. I had no idea that it was already for sale in English. Thankfully I didn't spend too much time on it so far. Lesson learned. I'm dropping this. Go buy a digital copy instead.
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    Request for group takeover 2.0

    My Group: (ID 14170) My Profile: (ID 19110) Proof: I have nothing external to Mangadex since I'll only be posting stuff here.
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    Sometimes Even Reality Is a Lie! - Vol. 1 Ch. 12 - I Shop For Clothes With My Gamer Friend

    I was wondering when the "crossdressing" theme would be added to the Mangadex page after the last chapter and then bam, there it is today.
  9. Ryn360

    Yurusaba - Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Shinjuku Tanken "Exploration of Shinjuku"

    Thanks for translating this, I love this series.
  10. Ryn360

    The Friends-Eater Classroom - Vol. 4 Ch. 39 - Final Chapter

    That ending was downright horrible. Why did I read this?
  11. Ryn360

    Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi - Vol. 3 Ch. 12.1

    MC is evil as fuck.