Add a number next to the reaction emotes to quickly see the specific amount of reacts for that emote [Xenforo feature request

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Sep 15, 2018
Right now the reactions to posts on forums look something like this:
:)(y)❌person1,person2,person3 and 20 others
The problem with this setup is that you can't tell what the majority reaction was and how many of each. You can figure this out by clicking the line the emotes are on but it opens up a separate window and it's kinda clunky and cumbersome. It would be nice just to easily see at a glance how many of what reaction was used by having a number next to it for instance like this:
10:)10(y)3❌person1,person2,person3 and 20 others
I feel as though this simple and small change would improve the reaction system a lot and make it more clear on what people think of the comment.

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