Asking for romcom recommendations

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Apr 3, 2023
Hello fellow mangadexers!

I really like humorous mature romcoms and Yamada Kintetsu's mangas are really among my favorite (Ase to Sekken, Telework Yotabanashi and Kasane to Subaru). Do you have recommendations for similar grown up love stories with characters that aren't one dimensional stereotypes?
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Apr 15, 2018
I really like Sakuranbo Syndrome and the dynamic between its two heroines. There's a lot of twists, drama, love and tension that surprisingly avoids a lot of the typical misunderstandings, but makes it no less painful for the characters involved. A good adult romance. Feel free to stop at any point after chapter 87. The author flubs the landing, but everything up to that point is gripping and satisfying enough as a conclusion that I would still earnestly recommend it in spite of that.

Emma is also nice. A straightforward "love between social classes" Victorian romance at its core, but packed to the brim with side stories and glimpses into other people's lives, in a similar way as Otoyomegatari.

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