Convenient Semi-Friend - Ch. 17

Dex-chan lover
Jan 24, 2018
Looks like Suuna is so skilled with her hands + Ruka weak hip quickly turned the massage into a happy ending massage :dogkek:

When Suuna lesbianism awaken she's truly gonna be unstoppable.

I think what senpai actually said may have been "Ruka's weak in her hip" i.e. she's sensitive there.
So maybe if the line has been a bit more double entendre-y it'd be better.

So, is Ruka experienced or not? I feel the story goes back and fourth about that.

She's had sex (senpai became like THAT after experiencing Ruka afterall)
But those were just purely physical relations.

The problem with handling Suuna is that Ruka is starting to become emotionally attached so she's afraid of straining their relation if Suuna ever realized how much big geh energy her actions has been exerting.
Dex-chan lover
Mar 6, 2019
Suuna's constantly on a rampage and she doesn't even realize it.

Why's she giving Ruka a thigh message for lower back pain tho?

"My back hurts"
"Oh let me help" grabs her ass
The hamstrings are linked to the lower back, and some nerves go through both of them. Depending on the pacient's condition, massaging the hamstrings can remove lumbar pain. Gluteus (ass) included.

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