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Mar 6, 2023
Guy must be demoman from tf2 if a vampire got drunk from his goddamn blood.
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Jan 29, 2018
Anthropologists would say that the concept of vampires is one that embodies the cultural fears of the time and culture they appear in. So let me check...

Vampires of Antiquity: Literal demons and minor evil deities who ruin crops, cause miscarriages/deaths-in-childbirth out of their envy of the living. Often related to the fear of death and desecration of the dead.

Pre-Modern Vampires: A variety of bogeymen (and women) who represent fears like rich noblemen who might waste away in gluttony while their fief starves, foreign invaders, mental illness, plagues, and those spurned from the afterlife because the once-human monster spurned societal norms and/or the local religion.

Victorian Vampires: The perversion of strict Victorian Age morality: Handsome or sexy well-to-do fiends who ignore noblesse oblige, and are symbols of lust in an age where sexually-transmitted diseases were almost-always incurable. Powerful but empty revenants whose lusts are never filled and who can never be happy.

Reiwa-era Moepire: Socially dysfunctional youkai, probably on the autistic spectrum. Mostly harmless, except to your bank account. Hide behind fancy clothing or chuunibyou-tendencies, but are basically Hikki-NEETs and parasite singles that, like classical youkai, can never quite fit in with ordinary mortals. Probably getting arrested for posting their minor crimes on social media.

Yup, checks out. :korone:

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