mdx - CLI manga downloader

Jun 17, 2024
mdx is a simple CLI application for downloading manga from the MangaDex website. The program uses MangaDex API to fetch manga content.

This is a project I created for personal use and decided to share with others. I will release updates according to the task list in the TODO section.
You can leave feedback in this thread.
github repository:

Features 💫​

  • Works on Windows, MacOS, Linux.
  • Downloads multiple chapters.
  • Saves manga in CBZ, PDF, EPUB formats.
  • Saves multiple chapters in one file.
  • Automatically generates metadata for downloaded files, adapted for e-readers.
  • Searches manga.
  • Displays information about manga.

Installation ⚙️​

  1. Download .tar.gz archive from releases page.
  2. Unarchive the .tar.gz file.
Open the unarchived folder and execute the mdx file to use the application.
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