Most horrible anime you´ve ever seen

Mar 7, 2019
Every isekai anime with an MC with god-like powers and harem of 1001 women who gets wet down there by watching their lover everytime he kicks an opponents ass. Smartphone isekai and arifureta are the worst isekais for me.

Nihon Chinbotsu 2020/ Japan sinks. Started good at the beginning but after the father, the heroines best friend died and went to an sect camp it went downhill. The childish annoying heroine and her americanboo brother killed my mood watching it further so I dropped it. The only character i liked so far is the old man from the supermarket.
Dec 15, 2019
The Monogatari series is esoteric trash.

It's Weeaboo Twilight with overly convoluted puns in moonrune.
Let me sum up the show:
"so witty and 2deep4me"
"n-no this isn't loli lewding" he says as araragi is bathing with a 6 gorillion year old 7 year old.
"chekov's loli saves the day, again..."

Kanbaru best girl, obviously.

Japan Sinks was based off of a Japanese horror novel from the 80s, it got overly modernized due to Netflix which resulted in its shit plot and characters.
Book was ok.
Jan 26, 2021
i dont remember the name but there was an anime where it baits you into watching by making you think its a gag-comedy in the first episode but on episode 2 and on it swivels into a super cringe romantic drama, i think it even had one of the main heroins attempt suicide or just general self-cutting it was so cringe
Dec 25, 2018
H2O: Footprints in the Sand
by far... back then I took pride in watching and finishing everything available during the current season, but couldn't handle that...

Kingdom was victim of them trying to use 3D to animate big battles and failing miserably.

and Dokuro-chan is hilarious... for me it is in the same category as Hare nochi Guu, PaniPoni Dash or Azumanga....
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Jun 18, 2018
The Samidare and the Bisquit Hammer anime is absolute Heresy towards the Manga. Whoever was involved in the anime needs to be beaten with a stick several times!
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Oct 9, 2019
In terms of shit story or trashiest anime? Shittiest story is hard for me to think of because while I have dropped shows for shit story I can't think of the worst one. Now for trashiest anime that is undoubtedly Eromanga Sensei. At least most of the other incest anime have the girls be high schoolers
Jul 2, 2018
The most disappointing for me is 2nd season of hayate no gotoku.
1st season is genuinely very good and funny, while next season they amped up the weeb shit, most jokes went through my head because only those japanese weeb would understand.

But the worst anime imo is a tie between ex-arm and that yakuza house-husband "anime".
Nov 6, 2020

First ep with the jumping for peach juice was the highlight of the entire series. Ending was dumb.

Was expecting good things since I'd just watched Kanon (2002-CHIN version and then followed up with 2006) so the betrayal was even worse!
The opening holds up really well.
Jan 17, 2021
Well, how do you define a "bad" anime in first place? Many people will instantly point at anything they personally dislike regardless of its actual quality. Being clichê for me just means the end result is a meodicre anime, not a truly terrible one so its not enough to warrant the title of "worst anime"
Ecchi, violence and other morally dubious stuff will result in wildy variated reactions depending on a multitude of factors like culture and personal background so its not a very good measure of quality either

So? What DOES qualifies a bad anime? Well, first there is animation (duh) voice acting, direction, pacing and etc.
its plain stupid to judge a anime as good or bad based on purely arbitrary personal tastes but I understand that its impossible to review something without adding your personal opinion so the ideal is examining technical quality FIRST and giving it priority over personal taste

Mars of Destruction, Chargeman Ken and Handshakers and 3 prime examples

The first two have some of the worst animation quality I ever seen in my life and the last one, despite having a actually decent one, has some nauseous, literally nauseous camera work
When even a anime can cause you motion sickness then you know its REALLY BAD.

And all 3 have some pretty garbage and nonsense plot too, its bad all across the marks
May 16, 2019
Back in the day I watched Air Master, it was considered bad by many but I enjoyed it. It's got a very memorable ED.

Dragon Ball: Battle of The Gods was when I realized I was too old for this type of shit. The animated fight on top of the "scrolling" preanimated background felt so disconnected to me. You have to have brain damage to enjoy anything Dragon Ball after that point.

I guess there is no need to even mention the offensively bad 3D computer animated garbage Netflix, Amazon and whoever else shit out. Stuff like the new Baki, Kengan, the shitty Berserk, etc... I hate them so much. How can anyone like something that looks like scuffed Playstation 3 game cutscenes
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Feb 4, 2023
I remember watching Da Capo together on stream with people from another forum as a dare.

I never felt more the urge to reach for the bottle while watching an anime. Good lord was it absolutely brainless.

Infinite Stratos was terrible too. Why bother introducing a plot point in a modern setting like only women can use this weapon/equipment, when the male main character can do it as well? Especially if it's not an isekai, which would be fine.
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Feb 4, 2019
Bludgeon Angel was a weird thing that used to come on. 🤔
That was supposed to be a gag anime like Excel Saga.

The Smartphone Isekai and Kenja no Magoo or whatever are at the top of the shit list for me. Arifuerta is cringe, but it's watchable cringe, like the first half of SAO's first season.