Slime Saint - Ch. 9 - A Tea Party Invitation

Dex-chan lover
Jan 19, 2023
The best thing since sliced bread is putting good stuff between those slices.

Power as a saint, power as a saint, power as a kind girl-shaped monster with a nice smile... It's all the same, really.

Honestly, this is one of the better excuses for some info-dumping. She's actually trying to learn that.

I like her optimism.

im sure you can become friends
No one can resist her forever. No one with a heart, anyway.

The saints I've seen in various mangas were terrible people more often than not.
Been reading a lot of villainess mangas?
Dex-chan lover
Aug 30, 2018
You know, I know that misunderstandings are the point of series like this, but I can't help but feel bad for Will. Until he finds out the truth about slime-jelly (which I wouldn't be surprised if he never does), he's gonna be under the impression that he almost killed his sister by almost killing the one person who could cure her, and that he's a monster for trying to kill someone who was "actually willing to turn over a new leaf". But in reality, he was completely justified, and going through with the murder was the only thing that actually allowed him to save his sister, even if it wasn't because the hooded man helped him out.
Dex-chan lover
Dec 9, 2020
Will: Saints also maintain the effect of barriers to keep monsters from entering towns.
Jelly: I can do something similar with my slime abilities.

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