The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You - Rentarou vs NTR Boss (Doujinshi) - Ch. 2

Dex-chan lover
Feb 18, 2023
EZ Rentarou diff

He went through the forest to remove several degenerates and perverts from the path of the girlfriends who were out exploring the forest. He's injured and bleeding while there's a pile of bruised and broken men behind him

literally force himself into the god realm to save his gf from festival god

Tackled Common Sense off of the school building and survived

Lifting three of his girlfriends on his arms like nothing while protecting them from a flood

Moves fast enough to clone himself during Mimimi's stage play

Got his spine crushed, eat a cannon stone and fling across a shrine and still shrug it off

And lets not talk about his gf

there is Nano who could find your read your moves like a book, Kusuri can literally kill him with her drugs or turn into buffSuki, Mei who could do anything if asked, hahari could literally suffocate him with her wealth, Yamame who carried tree logs like dumbell, Yaku a ninja, Kishika is a master swordwoman, and Eira who stopped a car with a kick.

tldr: that dude is cooked

Edit: also Karane is basically Kwaii Hulk

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