Yuujin ni 500 Yen Kashitara Shakkin no Kata ni Imouto wo Yokoshitekita no Dakeredo, Ore wa Ittai Dou Sureba Iin Darou - Vol. 3 Ch. 15

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Oct 25, 2023
This series should be coming to a close soon if the confession happened only 15 chapters in. I did not expect this to progress this fast in 15 chapters with 5 JPLNs.
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Jan 18, 2018
At least they didn't pussy out at the end. Glad to see that this strange ass plan actually came to fruition in a satisfying manner. Wonder if the final chapter will be a small time skip or just feature them actually being a real couple as a bit of fluffy service to wrap things up.
Jan 4, 2024
Read the last chapter raw on comicwalker, good end.

This is one of those short and sweet diabetus I'll remember for a long time.

Thanks the TL team and mangadex algorithm for introducing this manga
Jan 21, 2018
You're not getting us this time, fireworks!

"Akari-chan, you had become an irreplaceable part of my life."
Well said. Freaking finally.

Our girl couldn't say it, words failed her, but her actions didn't. Let those lips give the answer that her voice couldn't.

"I love you so much... more than anything in the world!"
And now she's found the courage to say it, after placing her all of her feelings on that one kiss.

"I love you so much that I became collateral for a 500 yen debt just so I could live with you."
Akari's attack continues. It's super effective!

I bless the formation of this new couple. 🙏

"Then swear your love for my little sister upon this coin and thou may take it"
"I swear it. I will treasure her each day more than the last."
These lines are so freaking beautiful I can't stop myself from quoting them. Man, the writing for this chapter just hits every note for me.

Gotta love Subaru's endgame. He saw a chance to turn his best friend into a future brother-in-law and took it. I wish more big bros in more romcoms were like him. How I'd love to see him get his own girlfriend too, but this is ending soon. My side ship hopes have sunk.

DO IT. It's time to eat, girl. You deserve it after all this time. Itadakimasu!
I'd love to see them tell the kids how their mom was collateral for a 500yen debt once.

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