WE'RE BACK! Curator N2O is back in action.

Now that MD is finally alive again I'm working hard to make curated MDLists of more specific tropes; It'll take a while, but eventually I'll have everything sorted!

I don't like Wuxia and Chinese manga in general (with a few exceptions), so if you're looking for those then my lists are not for you.

My absolute favorite type is more realistic manga. Take a fantasy/medieval setting for example: people should be as fragile as they are IRL even if they have magic or whatever. If there's a battle you stick in formation and follow military tactics because a single arrow can kill anyone if it hits right, or from a possible infection afterwards.

Stuff like that. Although I still enjoy a lot of escapism-type power fantasy manga like TenSura, so I'm a bit of an omnivore on that front, but my preference is realism :)

Same goes for romance. I like the more realistic ones much better instead of the fuwa fuwa stuff with all the related tropes. Although those ones can be nice too :smugnako: I give pretty much everything a chance that comes up on the update flow.

I have a hard time with the art style of most older manga (earlier 80s). Legend of the Galactic Heroes, original Gundam and Sailor Moon is about as far I can take it.

The current trend of mass-produced substanceless full-color comics from Korea and particularly China is my bane, although I still read them when I'm out of other stuff..

...I have a problem lol

And I'm going to use my problem to help you find the good stuff :D Curator N2O at your service! o7