A "for you"/"similar to this title"/"people who read this also read" page

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Mar 19, 2023
the thing about tags is that since they're not always accurate (or sometime too broad) and mangas are missing some from time to time, finding hidden gems that I like often ends up being hit-and-miss on the search page. I think the "best match" feature already works in a similar way that a "for you" page would work but it's still too janky for me to get good results from it. For exemple feature that takes in account what users who have read x manga also has in their "marked as read" for the last x days and then ranks the amount of time a title re-appears and shows it to you anonymously (could probably be done better but I'm just saying that from the top of my head)
(edit: could be somewhat costly but there's probably some solution you could find like only doing 1 check per user and removing it after x amount of time and such)
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