add a "note" section when creating a draft for a new manga page

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Mar 19, 2023
I've started creating the pages on mangadex for some of my favorite titles that don't exist here yet and sometimes I'm not sure if x tag would be valid or not, wether this is traditional or simplified chinese or anything really. And so being able to pass on a message to the person reviewing the submission whom might know what to/not to add or remove could be useful. (I'm aware creating a thread on the forum could solve this somewhat but that's a pain in the butt to do so every time)

Also related would be editing reports, I sometime make reports but later realize that I forgot a minor detail or that it was wrong. I can't even delete them or link them one to another for context? (minor detail but a report I made which was right was refused and later the changed I asked for in it was made so ???)

I do greatly appreciate the work done on the site so don't take my comments the wrong way

edit: also drafts submitted disappearing once accepted is kind of surprising since I was expecting something like the report history but that's fine I guess
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