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Sep 7, 2019
I would like a checkbox/dropdown[/button?] in the "Advanced Search" to enable searching for typed keyword(s) inside (language specific?) title description. This means it is optional, and will not work with quick/main search (CTRL+K).

Right now the quick/main search only searches within titles for typed keywords. This is not always enough. Sometimes what is known/remembered for a even manga/manhwa/manhua is only part of the description like the main character name or backstory.

I am aware of the possible performance issue, so apply whatever restrictions are needed to have this feature, like:
  • When optional checkbox is checked, only, search within description. If a dropdown, then it could have options like:
    • only titles (default)
    • only description
    • both titles & description
  • Limit usage per time period per IP/user. Heck, even 1 per day is fine.
  • Must be logged in. Could be used to track excessive search and even trigger a "banned" effect for N time - if so, the user will notified of it.
  • Account must be older than N time.
  • Will not be fast, like quick/main search. Add such note to/near the optional checkbox - I am thinking in the style of a tooltip.
  • Will not work for titles added[/updated?] within N time
  • Multiple keywords are treated as single sentence. Meaning multiple keywords will not, unlike current quick/main search.
    Example: "wordA wordB" will only match as such, and not "wordB wordA" or "wordA wordN wordB"

I found these forum v3 threads asking for the same/similar:
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