[Authentic Scans] (we have cookies!) Looking for Quality Checkers, JTL, typesetters

Jul 3, 2019
⋯ ─ ※ ※ ※ --== AUTHENTIC SCANS IS RECRUITING ==-- ※ ※ ※ ─⋯
Greetings! Authentic Scans is a new community-oriented group that focuses on content of all kinds.

Why consider joining us? Here's why:

-> We work on all genres. We try to cater to what our volunteer staff would like to focus on. Everyone has a voice!​
-> We do not have strict deadlines, nor do we overwork our staff! -> We value communication and organization. You'll never be lost!​
-> We love new people. Learn about the work of scanlations, hone your skills, and have something to put on your resume! Take our experience and learn from it, and eventually teach newcomers in turn!​
-> We're a community-based family group. Meaning, the more you interact and hang around, the more you'll make a home here with us!​

How Do You Apply? Here's how:

If you have a series you’d like to do, let’s talk about it together! Feel free to DM Mauxa#4430 if you have any questions.

** ※ Current Series ※ **

  • ※ Japanese Translators - MEDIUM PRIORITY
  • ※ Korean Translators - LOW PRIORITY
  • ※ Chinese Translators - LOW PRIORITY
  • ※ Proofreaders - LOW PRIORITY
  • ※ Cleaners/Redrawers - LOW PRIORITY
  • ※ Typesetters - HIGH PRIORITY
  • ※ Quality Checkers - HIGH PRIORITY
We teach if you’re not experienced, and we’ll be kind. If you have a series you’d like to do, let’s talk about it together! Feel free to join the server or DM Mauxa#4430.

「 Our Server Link 」
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Apr 7, 2023
Hello! I am interested in trying proofreading but I am inexperienced and need guidance and help to perform the job correctly. I have been trying to look for a group of people that are experienced and kind enough to want to teach me proofreading. I hope you can consider me. Thank you!

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