Being able to view more than the top 10 titles for 'Popular New Titles'

Dec 27, 2023
Currently the 'Popular New Titles' is limited to viewing only 10 items, and going to the end cycles back to the beginning. I think it would be useful to be able to see more than just those 10 items, as once you check out those 10 items there's no easy way to check out popular new stuff that aren't one of those 10 (if there is though and I've just missed it, please let me know).
If you want to keep the 10 items on the home page (which I feel is a reasonable thing to want to do, cause it needs to stop at some point), I feel adding an arrow to view the full list is the best way, similar to how the 'Latest Updates', 'Staff Picks', 'Seasonal' or 'Recently Added' sections are, where it shows the top X items, but you can click on either the section's title or the side arrow to view the full list.
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