Can't upload chapters.

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Jan 19, 2018
For some reason I can't upload any of the chapters of the manga that I'm translate. Still don't know the origin of the issue...

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Jan 18, 2018
Copying from our Discord FAQ;

Uploads failing common causes:

1. Connection is timing out to our server. If it takes longer than 1 minute this is probably the cause.
2. Files or folder having loads of (((([[[[]]])))) in filename can cause it to break.
3. Nested folders within folders or hidden folders.
4. Not a .zip. We don't support .rar or .7zip at this time.
5. Apple device owners - the zip contains a hidden folder and metadata.
6. It's your first upload.


a. Optimise your files to reduce filesize. See for info on how to optimise.
b. Try a free trustworthy VPN such as ProtonVPN (free tier) and set the exit node to EU.
c. Rename the files and folders, make sure there's no nested or hidden files/folders and zip as a .zip.
d. Apple device owners - use the solutions posted in here to remove the files.
e. If all else fails: Post using the format supplied and let someone else upload it for you.
f. First uploads require approval. It will be checked as soon as someone has time.
g. If you are a Group Leader use the new Dropbox uploader.

Most common issue - how long is it taking before it fails?
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