[EN] Basic MangaDex access issue diagnostics

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Jan 18, 2018
This thread is not particularly useful if you can't access MD in the first place, I'm just archiving it here. This also exists on Reddit and in our Discord #support channel.

Access errors fall into a few categories. It's important to know which one is affecting you.
Mind reading technology doesn't exist yet, so please be specific when possible.

0. Infinite spinner in the middle of the webpage (or entirely blank page)
One of the following is happening:
  • your browser's cache is very old
  • one of your extensions is being stupid
  • your browser is way too old
First, try opening the site in private mode.
If it's fixed, it's either browser cache or one of your extensions: clear your browser's cache, then try in non-private mode, disabling extensions 1-by-1 until it works to figure out which one it is.
If that didn't work, your web browser is too old. Update it. If you can't (old device), sorry for you but we can't afford the time to support 5+ years old browsers.
If you believe it is not old, go to https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ and share the link they give you.

1. Certificate error (or SSL_CERT...)
Your antivirus (usually McAfee) or your router (often on TrendMicro/Asus routers) is flagging MangaDex as dangerous and trying to hijack your access to it.
You have 2 options:
a. whitelist https://mangadex.org/ and https://*.mangadex.org in your antivirus/router's settings
b. don't use McAfee and/or disable your router's security (it deciding to block MD proves it's garbage if that was necessary)

2. Domain not found (or NXDOMAIN, ...)
Your ISP is most likely lying about our IP address.
Run the following on the command line nslookup mangadex.org and compare the resolved IP with the one at https://dns.google/query?name=mangadex.org. If they don't match, your ISP is lying.
You will have to change your DNS servers (use Google's or Cloudflare's) or use a VPN (Cloudflare Warp and ProtonVPN are excellent and free).

3. Timeout / Connection refused
Go to step 2 first. If that didn't apply, try with a VPN (see: go to step 2).

Could be many things. Do ask and/or share your success/failure here or at our Discord server's #support channel.
If you need anything fixed (title, chapter, group related), use the report buttons located in various places across the site and the mods will handle it for the time being. If you're having issues with your account, email support@mangadex.org for assistance. Note that emails are handled slowly, and site reports/discord are much faster.

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