Extending External Url Chapters to Twitter Comic OG Tweets

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Jan 7, 2023
Mostly related to https://forums.mangadex.org/threads/third-party-external-chapter-links-we-want-more.1075416/
But thought we can have it as a separate thread to discuss first

Suggestion is basically this: Create external-url chapters to tweets corresponding to Twitter Comics the author posted
This helps with:
- Keeping track of the raws links (painfully finding each tweet only to number the chapters and forget abt them feels like a waste)
- Keeping an external link hopefully helps grps to follow the author's tweets instead of dis-regarding numbering by the raw/other scan grps
- Readers can view the original tweet and support the author's reach across Twitter and being noticed by publishers
- No need to rely on author being able to create Twitter Timelines
- No need to add all tweets as Official Raw link (once title rework allows for multiple links of same type)

However, these are still Raws so I wanted to know how MangaDex feels abt this
Ofc, the control to add External Url chapters shud only be with Moderators and not Users/GLs (shudders in subscriber restricted external link chapters to Patreon)

Some other similar links to consider
- Pixiv Comics same as Twitter comics
- Shonen Jump Plus free chapter previews
- Comicwalker free chapter preview
Altho the last two are actual publishers so maybe not
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Jan 7, 2023
Other Example Scenarios:

5 Elementos and Raruto - A Jesulink Publication
Jesulink publishes two Spanish Manga - An original story called "5 Elementos" and a Naruto Parody named Raruto
Both of these are available under Creative Commons License on their website
While this means someone could upload them directly to MangaDex
It'd be nicer to send viewers to the original website so that it is own

Yakunara Mug Cup Mo - A/An (interesting) Tajimi Tourism Initiative
A tourism initiative, the now-adapted-to-anime (twice!) also-has-a-reboot quaterly manga, about the city's pottery culture through the daily lives of 4 girls part of a High school pottery club, is available as a free .pdf download from this website.
Unlike the previous example tho, these files are only pdf and cant be read from their site
Still it'd be a nice idea to link to the website so more people visit this wonderful initiative

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