Game Recommendation (Mobile Game Edition)

Aug 11, 2020
I mainly just emulate things on my phone. Harvest moon series works really well as mobile game. Especially the hand held ones for ds and gameboys. Phones today have no problems running it. Pokemon, animal crossing and other slow paced games work well too.
Dec 17, 2020
try honkai impact 3rd, since it's made by the same people as genshin, its pretty cool looking. it also has a very fun play style and storyline. plus right now they have the collab with evangelion, but i think it's gonna end soon
Feb 10, 2021
Runescape 3

A really solid mobile game. Though only members can play on mobile atm.
Feb 13, 2021
Only thing I'd recommend that won't eat all your money is Among Us.
Almost everything else I've tried playing has some sort of irl currency-heavy mechanic to it, be it cosmetics or gachas milking you x5 over just so you can get that one waifu/husbando you want - not to mention a certain recent overhyped game that adds more to that via equipment/gear.
But if you really wanna get into gachas, my go-to's were Girls' Frontline, AFK Arena and gave Arknights a try - GFL because guns and no energy system (uses resources for days), AFK because you didn't actually have to play it for hours a day to get anywhere (but its rate system is terrible), and Arknights has the same problem with any gachas: grinding materials with limited energy and a really low rate.
Jul 9, 2020
Here are some good games (mobile) (all of them are NOT P2W)
>Call of Duty: Mobile
Best shooter game out there.
>RPG Toram Online
ONLY game which caters to an otakus needs. Leveling up + Stat/skill system + Look modification + NOT P2W + full grinding (not job-like grinding, but still need to grind) + EVERYTHING useful can be obtained by grinding for JUST a few hours (not like 12 or anything, but like 1~ 3) + classless system (you are what you equip)
Online chatting game. Kinda like Among Us (same objectives) but better. Has more roles.
>Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links
Best TCG game. Every draw can change an outcome. Super strategic.
>Elemental Dungeon
Best dungeon RPG game. Has pixelated art.
>League of Legends
Best MOBA game.
May 5, 2018
Here are some good games (mobile) (all of them are NOT P2W)
>Call of Duty: Mobile
It’s important to note, however, that primary weapon skins aren’t purely cosmetic, because a lot of them provide skills as well. For example, the AK117 - Color Burst that’s currently on sale for 1,600 Points gives you a skill that increases movement speed for a bit after respawning.
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Jan 20, 2018
> Here are some good games (mobile) (all of them are NOT P2W)

> Best...
You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means :/
Jul 9, 2020
HAVE YOU EVEN PLAYED THE GAME? That "skill" is a perk which can be "unlocked" for any gun by "leveling up the gun".

I meant that according to me, they were the best games in that "field".
May 5, 2018
I haven't found many/any good mobile games, though I've only tried a few dozen. Among Us is good but most of the mobile players have goldfish IQ so it makes the game less fun. Archero is good too but doesn't work offline. Emulating old games is probably the best choice.

Pay-to-win means being able to gain an advantage with real money. Whether that's unlocking better weapons sooner or gaining experience in an RPG. Being able to eventually gain that advantage without spending real money doesn't make it not pay-to-win.
Example: Every gacha game. You can get Diluc constellation 6 in Genshin Impact without spending a dime. It'll most likely take years but it's possible. Or you can spend real money and get it much sooner.
And I'll say this since this argument is used a lot. Losing to someone with more skill also doesn't make the game not pay-to-win.
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Mar 17, 2019
Seconding Archero. It definitely has p2w, but you can get pretty far just from playing until you fully level up your 'Patrol Earnings' perk and then logging in once every three days or so (it caps at three days) to collect your shekels. Completing your daily quests to reach 100xp (which takes like five minutes total of watching a few ads and tapping a few buttons) is also worthwhile.

It also has a decently sized community. Tier lists too, and you all know how much I fucking love tier lists. I'm currently on Chapter 16 for Normal Mode and Chapter 13 for Hero Mode.
Dec 14, 2019
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Dex-chan lover
Jan 9, 2023
Battle cats
suprised it wasn't recommended already, it even has a megathread, not gonna say much cause if you know you know

Vampire Survivors
I haven't played it yet but I really want to and it's also free, a rougelike game where you're the bullet hell

Super Auto Pets
New update just came out!!! Very fun, a chill emoji auto battler that's easy to pick up and hellish to master

A Girl Adrift
Very chill, idle-ish, a nice small story that's not obtrusive and a fun community. Nice to have in the background while you do other stuff

Might post more recs when I remember them
Dec 2, 2018
It's one of those God Sims that let you place lands, oceans, mountains, and all of the usual 4 races of the fantasy genre so they can wage a HUNDRED YEAR WAR.


... It's a good time waster, imo.
Mar 6, 2019
All games are free unless otherwise noted, and contain very little or purely ethical monetization
*Games are roughly organized into categories, and the asterisk denotes my favorite of the category

*Powder Game(Sandbox)
Just an element playground. I can't tell you how many hours of my youth I wasted away watching vine vs fire vs water

Level based shmup with upgrades, a bomb, and a clean art style, not much more to say

The premier emulation app. Takes a bit of setup to get cores and games, but even low end phones can run stuff up to the GBA and even DS just fine, but touch controls are a bit weird with some games

Very self reflective and philosophical, the story sections are separated by thresholds of progress in the idle game so you don't get overwhelmed. It has sort of personality test segments, and really tries to get you to reflect on the substance of "you", so if you just want a fun game, this wouldn't be for you

Death Palette(VN)
Unique artsy little visual novel. It mixes visual novel style storytelling and point and click style exploration

*One Thousand Lies(VN)
Classic VN experience. Very philosophical, so if you aren't into Bullshit Philosophy(tm), this will just be a light rom, light com VN

*Alto's Adventure/Alto's Odyssey(Infinite Runner)
Slide down slopes and do tricks, everything else just adds onto that. Play odyssey if you want a more refined, fleshed out experience, or play adventure if you want a more simple experience. Great art, great music, great gameplay

Heads Off(Infinite Runner)
Surreal and simple one button runner. Made by the people that made the battle cats

Beginner level strategy game with only a few mechanics, the UI is fantastic and it has a whole host of additions onto of the base gameplay

*The Battle of Polytopia(Strategy)
Elon musk's favorite strategy game? idk, its an in-depth little strategy game, the paid classes mostly just determine what tech you start out with on the tree

Very in-depth strategy game. As the name suggests, very much like civilization

I don't know exactly what this is because my low-end phone doesn't let me get past the tutorial, but what I saw intrigued me, so it might intrigue you too

Flow Free(Puzzle)
A classic, fill all spaces while linking all nodes of the same colors in a grid. Has a lot of levels(in the hundreds) to go through before you need to buy any packs

Like sudoku but better. Daily and weekly puzzles are the bulk of free stuff you can do, but you always know how many games you have before you need to watch an ad

Hard to pin down exactly what the gameplay is like, mirrors?. Calm, great sfx, its all based around actual instruments and classical composers. Does have a bit more monetization than others on this list

Link all nodes in a puzzle. Simple, but effective. Nothing much to say

Minesweeper with a slick UI and some extra features, that's pretty much it

Picross Survival(Puzzle)
Nonogram, picross, whatever you call it, its a nice puzzle game style. Such a shame its always a bit janky on mobile

Creating words out of sets of letters in a crossword style, its got a lot of game essence, but it is pretty heavily monetized. It has like, thousands of levels though

Cytus/Cytus II(Rhythm)
Notes are static and your line moves to them. Cytus is I believe completely free, but cytus 2 is only sometimes free, despite both having free songs you can play and then paid expansion packs of songs. My low end device can just barely run it without stutters

Mix of a rhythm game and a bullet hell, with VN story segments. Has a problem on some phones where a core gameplay mechanic doesn't work, but if you're lucky, there's a whole ethically, if a bit heavily(without paying) monetized game

Vertical scrolling notes, I'd say its a bit easier to start than other rhythm games. The list of available stages rotates around, so while you might not be able to improve your score with stages you've already completed all the time, there's pretty much always a new stage to play without paying

Card Thief(Roguelike/Dungeon Crawler)
The core is a high score based 3x3 heist type thing, but its expanded on with gear and different hazards. There is one time-based element, but it can be entirely removed with a one-time purchase

Magic Survival(Roguelike/Reverse Bullet Hell)
Vampire Survivors before Vampire Survivors. No damage numbers, so not as fun, but its free. For those that don't know, you dodge enemies, fire out waves of bullets, defeat enemies, level up, get gear

*Night of the Full Moon(Roguelike/Deckbuilding)
Pseudo roguelike structure of encounters, and pseudo Slay the Spire-like card based battles. The steam version is better, but if you're ok with having one or two really synergistic builds without paying, its a pretty fun game. I've played this for countless hours at this point, even though the translation is a bit janky

Soul Knight(Roguelike)
Roguelike + bullet hell style dungeons with a great ammo system, but around half the characters can be earned in game, and its quite a bit bloated with extra stuff

*Dragon's Blade(RPG)
Classic JRPG, but very little story, at least for the time I played it. It stays true to being a JRPG and little more, for better or for worse

Pokemon-like, it used to be paid, but it went free some time ago. Nothing much to say, interesting story, the pokemon are nice, it does have DLC tho

*Geometry Dash Lite(Platformer)
If you somehow haven't heard of this, its a fast paced platformer with great music. The paid version has more levels as well as user created ones, and the ability to create them yourself

Stick With It(Platformer)
Rage game, play on the difficulty with checkpoints and thank me later

Not exactly idle, but a similar concept. Lots of different game modes, and a nice aesthetic, or nostalgic, if you're over 25

Soda Dungeon(Idle)
Stat based dungeon crawler until it becomes about logistics and idle game stuff

Choice of Games(CYOA)
This is a single app that collects all of the Choice of- series of choose your own adventure games, many are paid, but some are free, or have a long demo. It's all text-based, but most of them have fairly in-depth stat systems and a few images here and there

Text based choose your own adventure, it might be stark and unappealing at first glance, but the depth of the stat system and the story make up for it. Before moving onto the next section of the story, you need to get a certain number of achievements, or pay
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Dex-chan lover
Mar 15, 2019

Throwing my two cents
into the suggestion box
for the sake of it.​

LogoVideoDescHas Media?
The game where you find
some crippling depression
and superb fanarts.
Anime: Doll's Frontline
The degenerate
game that everyone knows
has nice doujinshi.
Anime: Azur Lane
Most people would just
recognize that one soundtrack
from some random memes.
Anime: Blue Archive
A newcomer here,
spinoff of the first title
and it's autochess.
A tower defence
with some music production
as a side hustle.
Anime: Arknights Animation: Prelude to Dawn
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