help finding title manga

Jan 9, 2020
hello I want to ask for help, I forgot the name of this manga because I haven't read it for a long time. I tried in the library I didn't find it even though I remember following the manga.


there was a rather old girl who was looking for garbage in a park at night. while looking for garbage she was harassed by thugs who made her die. previously when she was young she was a rich girl with a harmonious family. but when the recession in the 90s made her family bankrupt and her parents committed suicide. without any connections made her an outcast. in the seconds before she died she prayed that if she could return to her youth she would make major changes so that she the events that happened to her would not be repeated. finally her prayer was answered and she returned to her youth.

I remember the title is called "spoon" it's just that I didn't find it. this manga as I remember it was during the covid period because the manga was unique.
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Mar 6, 2019
And the former scanlation group has been long since they dropped it, someone else did a few chapters. According to the website, it keeps being released monthly and they're 44 chapters apart.

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