Help me find this manga

Jan 13, 2019
The first chapter of the manga about a regular dude who have a really bad luck and he's missed his highschool exam because of his bad luck and he have to attend the worst highschool filled with delinquent but before he's goes the school he meet a fortune teller that give him a book about his future that said that he will die attending the school because of bullying, so he tried his best to blend in by becoming a delinquent himself with the hairdo and the clothing. After that in the first day of the school he find his bully in from the information in the future book but because he dress like delinquent the bully ignore him and goes for the other guy but he can't stand the idea of someone else being bullied in his stead so he stand up to the bully and he backed off resulting him gaining notoriety. Thats the only thing i remember from the first chapter.

Please help if anyone know this manga its been month im trying to find it i don't know if its a one-shot or a full manga but i know its a new manga. And no its not Tokyo Revenger or Mirrai Nikki

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