How to register a supplementary book to a series

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Nov 19, 2019
We are currently scanlating The Dragon, the Hero, and the Courier, and we are a volume away from completion.
However, the author published a digital-only book, "The Dragon, the Hero, and the Courier: Self-Published Edition".
As you can probably tell, it was self-published, and isn't an "official" continuation of the series.
Should this book be registered as a separate series?

I also have questions on how to structure it with MD chapters.
The book is an irregular conglomeration of manga chapters with up to 20 pages of lore pages in between.
It also includes chapters that we have already translated in the series above. Those are bonus chapters that were released as chapters of the above series in real time (which we translated as such), but never made it into the volumes.
Ideally, I would break them into chunks that make sense, and for stuff we already translated, we can say "Go to Episode XX on the main series page".
How would you make it work?
Jan 8, 2023
I would create another entry if the content is really different (added chapters).
If it's just added extra, I would just keep one entry in total and upload the extra in the right order.

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