I upload chapter around 2 weeks ago but no approval about it

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Jan 9, 2024
So i upload new chapter for "demon prince goes to academy" like for around 2 weeks ago but the chapter still published
Then yesterday night (in my time) i ask my friend to let me upload chapter, he said "if he till midnight, your chapter is not published yet, im going to upload" which his case, he got approval in less day 1 day or basically before midnight (in my time again) appox 3-4 hours later.
Just want to ask, is there anything wrong with my chapter? or in your end, you receive no chapter at all?

Just information
I uploaded the chapter using Internet Edge
First upload was around 2 weeks ago for "Demon Prince goes to academy"
Second upload was yesterday night for "Giant Killing" (my friend already uploaded the same chapter)
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