Kashoku no Shiro - Vol. 4 Ch. 20

Dex-chan lover
Dec 25, 2018
That's an interesting name-drop. Sankichi-oni is also known as Sankichijin or Sankijin. He's a mountain deity in Akita Prefecture that's associated with the Satake samurai clan and may have been a god of war or their own version of Bishamon-ten originally. He's also been euhemerized into a Paul-Bunyan-like character who supposedly helped an IJA unit of Akita conscripts in Manchuria during the Sino-Japanese war in 1895 by singlehandedly carrying a cannon into position. Hey, Tokko, that's a war hero you're harassing there! (Or maybe not yet? I'm pretty sure Kashoku is set in the Taisho era, though)

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