Looking for a group that can use my skills! JP->EN, Proofread, Redraw, etc.

Feb 8, 2024
Hi there! I'm Sakura. 初めまして!

I got my JLPT N4 certificate half a year ago, and I'm starting to worry that I'm forgetting my Japanese (though I could understand most of what a Japanese person was telling me around a week ago). If that isn't clear enough, I'll give it to you straight: I'm a fresher.

But wait, don't write me off yet!

So here's the thing - I just graduated with a bachelor's degree in Design, which means that I'm also up for the task of typesetting, redrawing, and whatever else can be done with an in-depth knowledge of art & design software.

In addition to that, I am also excellent at English (got a GRE score of 163/170, at the 92nd percentile), though I guess lots of people have already filled that spot up.

I know we can hash it out later, but just a couple of things I had in mind -

1. A paid position would be cool, but it's not necessary. If you've got a team that needs my skills, I'm on board 100%, cash or no!
2. I like mangas that are fluffy, romance, slice-of-life, fantasy, the works. If it's a manga that makes you cry, or scream (or both), you've lost me. Like really.
3. I'm a fresher, so I won't get everything down right away. So if you're willing to be a little patient with me, I promise to do my best for you!
4. Oh, and I'm 18+. Spicy stuff is also right up my alley~

Still reading? Think I can fit into your group? Then drop me a message on discord @ sakuranatsume! Or this website. Whatever works for you~

Looking forward to working with you、よろしくお願いします!😊✨
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Nov 20, 2023
i think deathtoll scans is looking for someone (but more so a typesetter than translator?) though i don't think they offer any payment

you could also take some short one time commissions for translations i'm sure some ppl would pay for some song translations too, either japanese to english, or some english composer trying to make a song in japanese too lol
Group Leader
Apr 28, 2018
Hello! I know this is a bit late so I'm not sure if you've found a group or not but I wanted to reach out and put my group out into the offerings just in case.

I did try messaging you on discord but it seems you're only accepting DMs from friends. I did send a friend request but I know if you're like me you ignore request unless you have a shared server.

Anyways, I'm Roze and I'm the admin of Decadence Scans. We've been around for 10 years and our staff are pretty much all adults. We're very organized and very understanding when real life pops up. We mostly work on shoujo/josei/smut but a few of our staffers are keen to branch out into BL and other areas.

However a lot of our current projects are covered as for as needing translations but we're looking to expand our projects so we would love to work with you to pick out a new manga that might interest you!

Here's our website: https://decadencescans.com/
You can read some of our work here: https://reader.decadencescans.com/
and here's our discord if you'd like to check us out! https://discord.gg/EFX3XPPy

Thank you for your consideration and hoping to hear back from you!

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