Looking for a Japanese translator and raw provider!

Feb 26, 2023
hello! i'm a cleaner/redrawer and typesetter and i'm looking for a japanese translator and a raw provider for a few mangas - specifically shoujo and josei manga that aren't focused on romance and mostly mystery, adventure, historical, and fantasy

Projects i'm looking to start:
- Akai Kiba: Blue Sonnet (19 vols, completed)
Komatsuzaki Ran is not a normal girl (she's a cyborg). Raised by wolves, psychic powers, the ability to turn into Akai Kiba (The Red/Crimson Fang)...and a lot of people are after her.

- A Witches Life in Mongol (2 vols, ongoing)
In the 13th century, Fatima, a captive of the Mongol Empire, the most powerful empire on earth, was taken prisoner and assigned to serve in the imperial palace. With knowledge from Iran, the era's foremost experts on medicine and science, Fatima seeks a world in which she can display her talents. She meets Töregene, the sixth wife of the second emperor, Ögedei, who has mixed feelings about the Mongol Empire....

Tomato Soup, prodigy of historical manga, spins a tale of two women who shake up a great empire in the Mongolian backwaters!
*Won Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2023

- Re: Sukeban Deka (3 vols, ongoing)
modern retelling/remake of sukeban deka, the famous delinquent girl detective manga (20 million copies sold & well known live action series)


original series:

-Shoujozame/Shark Girl (10 vols completed)
Shidou Ryouko was fished out of the harbor water badly hurt – with no memory of how she got there and with a couple of shark bites, but alive. It took time, but she recovered (mostly) and she is now an ordinary high school student. But don’t get on her bad side; the doctors did something to her while she was recovering and she has abilities you wouldn’t suspect…
* by the author of Sukeban Deka and Pygmalio


- Shunkashuutou Daikousha - Haru no Mai (1 vol ongoing)
By the author of Violet Evergarden, a manga adaptation of the light novel written by her based on the seasons. I don't know what else this series is about but from what I've heard, it has just as strong character writing as Violet Evergarden with a cast full of beautiful character designs and aesthetics of the seasons.



- Kami-sama Gakkou no Ochikobore (4 vols ongoing)
By the author of The Apothecary Diaries/Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (which is getting an anime this year), this is also a manga adaptation of the light novel by her.

Modern Japan, a very ordinary world. But it's a little different. Gods exists in this world.

One day, Nagi, who is about to enter high school, suddenly receives a letter of acceptance from the "Gods' School" where people with supernatural powers gather. Even though she hasn't even taken the entrance exam? They say she passed the recommendation frame from a strange god, but Nagi's grades are the lowest in his grade among only elites enrolling! The daily life of a school dropout girl begins to move towards the extremely difficult national qualification "God"!


- Foggy Foot (3 vols ongoing)
"FOGGY FOOT" is a story about a mysterious incident and a male (Adam) and female (Wako) pair who solves it in a Nordic country where humans and fairies are both present.


- Hyakki Yakoushou (30 vols ongoing, 8 vols scanlated by dropped)
Ritsu inherited his sixth sense from his grandfather, along with a demon guardian named Blue Storm. Strange things just seem to happen around these two, and it's left to them to get to the bottom of all these mysterious events. Each story is independent but features recurring characters you'll come to know and appreciate as they, each in their own way, try to deal with things 'not of this world'.
If you're a fan of series like Mushishi, Petshop of Horrors, and Natsume Yuujinchou, I heavily recommend this. It has 30 volumes ongoing since 1995 but there are 8 vols scanlated in english, just dropped a few years ago and I would like to pick it up.


- The Glorious Asuka Gang! (27 volumes completed)
The story of Kuraku Asuka, a tough junior high student who gets involved with the gang scene in the Kabuki Chou Ichibangai, a rough area of Tokyo. A classic female delinquent manga.


Feel free to suggest things, I'm open to doing other series as well - especially classic shoujo manga, delinquent girl manga, or manga from magazines Asuka, Hana to Yume, Mystery Bonita, Melody, Wings, Feel Young, Flowers, Kiss, Cocohana, BeLove, and For Mrs.

My discord is kavvy#3086 if you're interested!


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Apr 12, 2018
Hello, as slow as we are hyakki yakoushou is not dropped. If you'd like to help DM me

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