Looking for a JTL? [CLOSED]

Group Leader
Jul 29, 2020
Hello, you! Yes, you! I’ve come with a trade offer. Do you have any manga/oneshot that you want to see translated but no one helps you out? This is the perfect opportunity for you!

We’re a small group ( https://mangadex.org/group/e1643ad9-bda8-4f22-aadf-08094009c159/life-carnaval) and to be able to keep up a more regular release schedule we need some helping hands. So, here’s the deal: I’ll translate (JP-ENG) for you in exchange for PR and TS (Hand lettering is a plus) for any of our two series (and possibly others in the future):

• Find an Idol (https://mangadex.org/title/f652bc51-8d54-48e4-9504-3af8a3d8c91d/looking-for-an-idol)

• Kashimashi Meshi (https://mangadex.org/title/bf8667d1-0996-495e-87f4-fdf29e4fa788/kashimashi-meshi)

We would work on a 1:1 basis. Chapters for these series are relatively short (24-32 pages) so we can exchange chapters around that range. If it’s a longer oneshot/chapter we will count the page number individually instead. I can work on pretty much anything and we can work together for as much as you'd like.

References: I have been a translator for Not a Scans Group, Rainbow Bar Scans, Paprika, Coin Laundry Gang, Trigonometry Class(cans) and Mizu-hanabi.

If you’re interested, you can contact me at nagae_kikuchi (discord). You can show past works (PSD files only) or take a short (3pgs long) test.


That's the ad from the group leader and translator. He's been helping me translate my projects and I've been helping typeset his for the past 5 months, and things have always run smoothly, so rest assured, he's a man of his word and a really easygoing guy.

(I'm posting on his behalf since he only did so on manga updates)

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