Looking for manga I read as a kid

Nov 16, 2023
Hi! First time poster, I recently remembered the first manga that I ever read and I want to read again but don’t remember the name of it. I read it as a kid from my public library around 2012. It was in the kids section and I think it had at least 5 volumes.
It was a fantasy series about a group of friends who I think were in a band together. They got transported to a fantasy world but were separated from one of their friends who gets mind controlled into joining the villains. Each of the kids has a connection to some sort of magical spirit(or maybe ancient heroes) and gets powers (one of them was a phoenix or something). There was also lot of yin yang symbolism.
If anyone they know the title I would love to know.

I’m going to list some random things I think I remember about it:
-the friend group was 2 girls 2 guys, it was one of the girls who gets mind controlled
-the girl who got mind controlled had recently left the band because her rich parents disapproved
-one of the other spirits might have been a panther
-i think the kids had some sort of mascot/companion/guide creature
-there was a plot line with a monster that petrified people
-one of the covers was lavender, another was a mint/teal
- the four spirits might have also been associated with elements, i think the mind controlled girl had a water one
-the kids where at a skate park when they got teleported

This is the stuff that I’m pretty sure about and I only vaguely have memories of other stuff.

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