Make a library view which shows useful data about each title

May 15, 2019
The Library currently contains three views which are essentially variations of tile formats with increasing general information about each publication (synopsis, tags, etc). The issue is I think most people are using the library view for titles they have already selected and want to read and they have already used this information to find publications they are interested in initially, so at best this information just serves as a broad reminder of the content of a title they already decided they were interested in previously. This isn't particularly useful if you are actively reading your library and only marginally useful if you read sporadically or coming back after a hiatus (saving one click to look at the main page of the title which contains all that information and more).

If you are actively reading a publication which is ongoing the most critical information to an active reader is missing from the Library page. The time necessary to check each title to see if new chapters have been posted is very tedious at the moment. Even using the Updates page requires reading through long lists of chapter updates in languages you can't read, etc.

The most critical information to an active reader should be displayed in at least one library view to provide a smoother UX experience. Namely:
  • The last date (or relative time) a chapter was posted (preferably with a language selection to only include chapters posted in languages you can read)
  • Chapter information
    • The number of chapters available total (by language)
    • The number of unread chapters (by language)
    • Most recent chapter available (by language)
    • Last chapter read
  • The ability to sort the library page (ascending/descending) in general by various stats such as:
    • Most recent chapter posted (by language)
    • Oldest unread chapter (by language)
    • Number of unread chapters
    • Rating
    • Follows
    • Comments
    • Total chapters available
  • The ability to filter the library page by items such as:
    • Themes
    • Genres
    • Rating/Follows/Comment numbers
    • Unread chapters
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