Sending a report to correct information about a group throws HTTP 403 from nginx

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Jan 7, 2023
Steps to Reproduce
1. Go to Tapas Group page
2. Click Report, Select Information to correct and report the following

Publisher name changed to "Tapas"

Previously "Tapastic"

source :

Also add their links




Also the website link links to a particular author for some reason so change it to the main site so change it from "" to" only

Expected Behavior
The report goes thru so that a mod can look thru the report
If it didn't work, then the frontend shows the corresponding error

Actual Behavior
The report shows successfully sent
But it never shows up at
Network logs shows an HTTP 403 error from nginx (not from api so there's no error/response uuid)

Its probably something like owasp security rules blocking it as malicious
The issue is two-part: 1) something's wrong in the report, 2) frontend shud show an error if the report actually threw error 403/any

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