Site Updates - April 2024

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Jan 18, 2018
Update #1 (7th April 2024) (because I forgot to make a thread for it):

Hello all!

We just deployed an update of the site. Before we get to the changes, we have an important announcement.

MangaDex is a very popular website, and we have been running it free and ad-free for the past 6 years. But with this popularity comes a significant cost to operate each month, which rises over time with traffic.

And MangaDex needs your help to continue existing.

You can find out more about how to do so and what we already offer (and plan to offer) in the future at Thank you in advance for considering us, so that MangaDex can stay completely free and ad-free in the future.


With that out of the way, this update is our first step into account connections.
That is, linking your accounts from other sites/platforms on MangaDex. You can access the feature by going to your user profile (open the top-right menu and click on your account or visit while logged in).
The first integration is out right now for NamiComi. Alongside this announcement, we wanted to give something back to people deciding to support us, so if you do and link your account on MangaDex, you will automatically receive the Supporter role.
Over the next few days, we will polish the integration a bit, fix some bugs if any, and then add Discord account linking too (already in progress).

The following are more minor changes:
  • April's Fool 2024 website features are no more
  • The suspicious activity modal displayed on login does not display automatically on login anymore
  • A bug was fixed where changing your account's email on and then making a new account using your old email could cause the new account to be broken
We hope you enjoy the rest of the day/evening!

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Jan 18, 2018
Update #2 (24th April 2024)


  • You can now edit connections (limited to public/private switching)
  • An FAQ was added to the support us page (it is a little scuffed)
  • A settings section was added for supporters and other users that have historically contributed heavily to MangaDex specifically (VIPs, Contribs, PUs)
  • Flying card for support e-begging (instead of the previous announcements-style stuff)
    • Shows 1 time per 24h period when user eligible, can be permanently disabled for Group Leader, MD@H, Supporter, PU, Contrib, VIP, and Staff in settings->supporter. When dismissed, it becomes a small button in the navbar
  • The remote username of a user connection is now saved on our end, and we use that to display it in user profile pages (existing connections don't magically get it imported, but see after)
  • There is now a "refresh" button near each of your connections, which you can click to refresh the remote information (will usually ask you to go through the remote authentication) that can change overtime (like usernames, and stuff like supporter status check for namicomi specifically)
  • The connections list layout was improved
  • You can now click connections (yours or others), which link to the associated account on the third-party platform (in all places: user page, connection edit page, and connection add confirmation page)
  • Updated Reddit logo
  • The Twitter bird logo was replaced by the X logo
  • The "Twitter" labels/tooltips have been replaced by "X/Twitter"
  • The Discord logo was updated from the old to the "new" one (new as in 3 years ago now iirc)
  • On mobile the support us navbar link now works a bit differently; instead of a static icon, it is a second line of navbar, displayed when you scrolled the page a bit (ie when the navbar background is opaque)
  • Support messaging is now displayed when you are either logged in and/or have 3 distinct read chapters on the device (instead of only the latter criteria)
  • Dismissing the flying support card now persists for whatever is longer between 24h or the lifetime of the page (rather than reappearing on refresh)
  • The seasonal list for Spring 2024 is now used on the homepage
  • The seasonal list's name is now displayed instead of just "Seasonal" (on both the homepage and when opening it)
  • MDLists preview cards now respect your content rating filters
  • MDLists pages now respect your content rating filters and say if (and how many) titles were hidden because of it
  • The second line of the navbar on mobile now appears with an expand animation
  • The support flyout card never shows up in the reader
  • The link to the Chicago title case rules in the site rules now shows as a link rather than normal text...
  • The user page upload count is fixed (would show yours on any user's page before)
  • The user page connections list doesn't occasionally show the last-viewed user's connections anymore in some cases
  • The collapsible containers showed a mix of up-down chevrons when expanded instead of both up-facing ones (wonder how long that had been broken... ages by the looks of it)
  • The announcement page is back, the notification pill on the profile icon doesn't show forever anymore
  • Some of the static frontend images (both SVGs and PNGs) have been optimized <= if you see broken SVGs, do mention it
  • Fixed inconsistent z-index of cover lightbox and navbar
  • Fixed centering of < > icons used on the homepage carousel
  • Fixed our error page being broken (ie the "go back" button on that page not only just tried to go to the homepage, but it failed at it as well)
  • Fixed toast component (the "you have been logged out" guy) catching all clicks/hovers on the screen on its X-axis, instead of only alongside its own width
  • Fixed bottom navbar padding not being accounted for on the PWA when viewing the support us page and scrolling to the end
  • Fixed the coloring of social media icons on light mode themes
  • Corrected a typo and a missing comma on support us page copy
  • Add a little bit of padding above the carousel on mobile
  • links are now recognized as Twitter links in some places
  • The flying support card now has a higher z-axis than the unpinned reader sidebar (somehow the pinned reader sidebar has a lower z-axis than its unpinned equivalent, don't ask why idk)
  • Fixes the jankiness of the layout when the second line of the navbar appears on mobile
  • Fixes the extra space in the support us link on the supporter settings view
  • Fixes the H-only mode incorrectly showing both the porndex wordmark and the normal wordmark at the same time when in PWA mode and on a page with a navbar title

Changes executed live (without requiring an extra update):
  • The following groups were added to the supporter-equivalent status (ie can dismiss support banners etc permanently): Group Leader, MangaDex At Home
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Jul 16, 2018
Can one login into the payment website using mangadex account or do I have to create a new one?
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Jan 25, 2018
Why not add easily to block ads already, to complement the budget?
I mean "easily" because anyone bothered by it can get rid of it, but everyone else can just whitelist Dex to help.
May 17, 2024
I get a lot of value of out MangaDex; I'd be more than happy to help make sure that it isn't a money pit in addition to being a labor of love for the team. But I'll be straightforward and say that I'd feel a lot more comfortable with donating if the finances involved were more transparent; e.g., numbers on hosting costs, current income, and assets. I understand there may be considerations making a system like that impossible, just wanted to make the note.

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