[Taniguchi Scanlations] Wanted Italian, French and Spanish to English translators for Seinen Projects

Group Leader
Aug 7, 2020
Our mission is to scanlate Alternative Manga, manga that tends to be more on the experimental side. We do more than just Jiro Taniguchi manga, we also translate gekiga titles, seinen and anything else unusual that catches our eye.

  • Mostly fluent French -> English, Italian -> English, Spanish -> English translators wanted. Please have at least intermediate fluency in English, B2 or higher. No machine translations.
  • A skilled Proofreader. Ideally looking for more than just grammar mistakes, spotting consistency issues and improving the English translations to be more natural and clearer.
Projects that Really Need Help:
  • Flash (Masashi Tanaka) Italian -> English Translator
  • Victoria! (Masashi Tanaka) Italian -> English Translator

Apply at our Discord server to join: https://discord.gg/88x8TpBxeT

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