Taste the Rainbow recruiting scanlators for Doujinshi

Group Leader
Dec 15, 2018
Hello. I'm the group leader of Taste the Rainbow; a scanlation group working on shounen-ai/BL doujinshi.

We currently have projects for My Hero Academia (TodoDeku) fandom. But I would like to start working again on two of my old fandoms: Katekyo Hitman Reborn (692718) and Attack on Titan (Levieren). So I'm here to recruit some willing translators and editors for these two fandom only since we have enough for MHA.

I have an abundance of KHR and AOT doujin collection waiting to be scanned, which you can check out here. Most of these may already have been scanlated, though, so meh.

If you're interested to join the team, lemme know by commenting on this thread, or if you have discord account, you can also join our server and ask me directly there.

Website: https://ttrscans.haliya.net/
Email: admin@ttrscans.haliya.net

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