[ThighsTerritory] Recruiting JP->EN translator for Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (CLOSED)

Feb 28, 2024
Edit: I have found a translator. I will reopen the thread in case we start looking for a redrawer or any other positions! Thanks.
If you still want to work on Neuro and feel like you could contribute in some way, shoot me an email and we can talk it out! (It is unpaid work, we do it because we love doing it)

Hello to all.
I'm about to attempt a project that has been in my mind for at least half a decade now, to upload Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro (202 chapters) on mangadex all over again, with better raws quality (I have found such raws), better typesetting and redrawing wherever necessary, all the covers, color pages and whatnot and, of course, a more refined translation. Basically, to revamp the series and give it better quality, now that it's actually possible.

The existing fan scans, while absolutely vital for anyone who wants to read Neuro and definitely a great effort all around for what was provided to them all these years ago, aren't sufficient to me and I've wanted to give Neuro a new look, which it deserves, now that it's actually available.

The plan is for me to clean, typeset and (potentially) redraw chapters, but I don't know Japanese and therefore can't translate at all. I also don't rely on MTS or such things. Anyone who is interested in translating for this series specifically and believes they can provide better translation quality than the current scans (especially in the beginning) can shoot a PM at my discord (@ThighsTerritory) or, preferably, on my email thighsterritory@gmail.com, and we can talk it out. Messages here are okay too, but I can't guarantee I'll see it in a timely manner.

Since Neuro has been finished for years now, it's important to note that we really are under no hurry, so it's not like we have a weekly schedule that would pressure us. I'm totally fine with more laid-back work, as long as we are at least somewhat consistent!
The group would be called Thighs Territory and I'm gonna die on this hill

Thanks for reading.
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