(WIP) Bubul Cleaning

Mar 20, 2023
Hello there, I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to post this but I saw a people posting stuff of this nature so I figure it shouldn't be too bad. So I've basically been an anime and manga fan for years, especially of the works of Akira Toriyama whose unfortunate passing has kind of motivated me to really go out of my way to try and put out as much of his work as humanly possible and one of them I've been working on is rather special. Bubul of Demon Village was a one-shot by Toriyama that would serve as a sort of basis for his one-volume story Cowa. It also is one of the surprisingly many manga that has not only never seen a collected release but it also has not seen a digital release or any sort of translation. As such, I've taken it upon myself to try my best on my own time to, for the sake of giving other translators an easy means to apply their own translations, go out of my way to digitize the story. This is currently being achieved by painstakingly tracing over the page, having a layer of white, erasing the portions where the screentone should show through and then I lightly sharpen the screentone layer before flattening the image. What you see here is a comparison between the raw page as provided by AkiraToriyamaManga which is on the left and my clean-up job which is on the right. Considering this is my first time cleaning up a manga page I just thought I'd share because hoo boy this is going to be quite the process.

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