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  • Can I use the word 'shop' or 'store' to refer to a cabaret club in Japan?🤔 Anybody knows?
    You can just make your translator join a scan school discord server and ask for such advices there, i think here are not much of scan people
    The rain shed its tears outside your window, but I could hear you weeping inside.
    Let the rain drown your sorrows, for it won't last forever.
    The morning finally comes and the rain stops.
    You walk alone under the clear sky, with the wind as your comfort.
    It sings a soothing melody, washing away your melancholy.
    I don't want to know... and I can't possibly know.
    I don't know how to feel.
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    Then simply don't feel. Easy, right?
    Big brain causes mental sickness.
    I'm bored. ☹️
    Don't be bored, you have a group leader role, maybe go scanlate something and look for new members and get super tired, but obviously you won't be b-bored. :dogewow:
    Resident Evil 4 Remake?
    No thanks, bro!
    Life is just like a game. If you gain enough experience, you'll unlock new skills/abilities.
    ===Tread Softly===

    Beware on your journey,
    Tread softly with care.
    Beware of the hag
    In her dark mountain lair.

    Speak only in whispers,
    Don't wander alone.
    Take heed of the shadows
    Watch out for the crone.
    She waits and she wants you.
    She knows you are there.

    Don't wander alone,
    Tread softly with care.
    It comes at night,
    You fear it but you can't escape it,
    You can only forget.
    Nah... Not my style. Just because someone hates you, doesn't mean you have to hate them back....

    An endless cycle,
    Hatred outlive the hateful.
    Resolve your grievance
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    Since doing the scanlation, I don't have time to read manga anymore... #ScanlationIsMistake.
    [Idioms] Take it all in = To absorb and comprehend or appreciate everything one is hearing, seeing, or experiencing.
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