A Parallel World With a 1:39 Male to Female Ratio Is Unexpectedly Normal 【R18】 - Ch. 19

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Jun 8, 2018
Now I'm curious to know the government's stance on incest babies

Dunno how much it helps biologically , but it should be noted that Sou's sisters are only half sisters. So the most dangerous case is the Mom.

I imagine it's near impossible these days for a normal monogamous family to make multiple children that then themselves can mate

... But the again, there's so few males that all donate sperm that there may be risk regardless of any given random child to be biological half siblings. So for all we know the guard students can share Sou's sperm donor.

I don't know if they control for that or accept the genetic risks. So I guess it potentially cancels out and means the sisters aren't necessarily less dangerous than the guard students.
Dex-chan lover
Mar 5, 2019
Finally the nurse got her time to shine & if only she knew how very active he’s been, she would join Sky’s ever growing harem. Thanks for the translations.
she is a strong contender for best girl position, damn
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Apr 2, 2018
It seems that Sou's family missed this class... :worry:


On second thought, it's most likely that they don't care :shamihuh:
Now I'm curious to know the government's stance on incest babies :pepehmm:

Thanks for the chapters!
I think this is actually just talking about the times family members help with the monthly mandatory collection. Doing it raw at home is fine.

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