A way to download reading statuses/history.

Dex-chan lover
Oct 9, 2019
If there's no way to download your reading status/history (e.g. the series you're reading [title & author], the status [reading, completed, dropped, etc.], and the furthest chapter you read) I think that it'd be great to implement it. It'd be super helpful for organizing reading progress. And God forbid something happens to this site, it'd be great if I could have a log stored somewhere to keep track of what I've read.

Back in the day I used to read on k*ssm*nga and 10 months before it got nuked I copied the user page that contained the reading list (i.e. the title and latest chapter read) and pasted it in a notes app. After the website got deleted I realized the notes app only saved about a fourth of my total reading list. I was distraught, and with official publishers on a recent vendetta it'd be great to have some reassurance.
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