BL or doesn't even have to be canon manga recommendations but i am looking for something specific so read on

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Nov 11, 2023
im looking for some stuff i havent read, and i've read a ton over the years so this may be a bit difficult. but just suggest anything you think fits
(dont mind the lack of punctuation as it goes on i get lazy)

anything from super light to heavy, just looking for a deep connection of some sort.
moreso looking for an unconventional dynamic of some sort but please nono no no weird
big age gaps/noncon

and id like for both characters if they have a relationship for the buildup to not be the "i'm straight...but this guy is hot..ohno no i have feelings for a guy!?" thing idk i see that too often and it gets really old i just want both of the characters to have already figured that part out abt themselves and not have internalized homophobia or be in denial most of the chapters thatd be nice lol!

i also gravitate towards certain art styles being an artist myself some examples of mangaka with art i enjoy alot include but is not limited to Harada, Fujitobi, Takahashi Hidebu, Dotsuco, Mokumoto Ren, Nago Nayuta, Eguchi Kousei, and Josee. but art that looks like these ppl's work is not what i need i just heavily enjoy any art that is interesting and clear to look at with some unique charm to it
some eyecatching character design would be nice too

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