[EN] Creating New Title Pages

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Jan 18, 2018
Click the plus icon next to "Titles" on the main site, or click this link to go to the drafts page.

Title Guidelines
You can create and save new title drafts for submission at a later time. Once submitted, your draft will be reviewed by a moderator. If you are a contributor, group leader, or power uploader, your submission will be approved automatically. If your submission is rejected, please review our rules or check if a duplicate entry already exists.

This is a partial extract of the rules. The full rules are available here.

Content Restrictions:
  • Only titles that are in the comic styles of Japanese, Korean, Chinese or of similar Asian origin are allowed. Exceptions can be made for self-published comics in a similar style originally created in other languages if you contact MangaDex staff beforehand.
Title Creation:
  • Do not add duplicate entries. Search for multiple alternate titles to confirm it doesn't exist yet before adding a series. Check your language and content filters to make sure you're not inadvertently hiding the work.
  • If there happen to be multiple distinct entries with the same title, do not add anything to distinguish them, such as "(Author name)". Use the actual title as it is.
  • Oneshots that were published in an anthology should be included in the respective anthology entry and should not have their own entries.
  • A single-chapter oneshot that has been serialized should have its own entry which is linked to the serialized entry using the "Serialization/Pre-Serialization" relation.
  • Chapters that have been colored from a monochrome version (either Official or Fan Colored) should be uploaded under a separate entry that must be tagged as "Official/Fan Colored", have "(Official/Fan Colored)" appended to the main title and include a "Colored" relation to the main title. "Official Colored" means the work was originally monochrome and this is an official colored variant. Similarly, "Fan Colored" is reserved for non-official coloring of monochrome work. "Full Color" means the work was originally in color, and no monochrome version exists.

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