[FOUND] Finding a reverse isekai title.

Apr 20, 2023
I didn't finish the title but if I remember correctly this title is a reverse isekai of 2 warring factions into a school.
The story goes like

At first everything was normal until one of the character I believe is the main character (though most of them should be relevant) remember their past life as a princess (?). I don't remember who is the first one to remember their past life, it might not be the mc I recall someone try to start a fight with the opposing faction when they suddenly remember or something. The magic in this manga required "sacrifice", using blood, nails or hair. If I remember correctly the mc(?) try to confirm the past life memory by using a strand of their hair to cast a light flash spell. After that most students remember their past life too and they begin to split into the same 2 faction and start a war inside the school or something. But there were a few people who want to forget their past lives and continue without going to war again.

I bolded the part where I'm confident is correct I don't have the best memory so I italic the details that might be wrong.
Or I might just be crazy and mix in my own fantasy with the manga I read though I doubt it cuz I can't be this creative about a manga setting.
I also don't remember the publishing year.

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